Saturday, 17 July 2010


To make the most of the glorious weather, we had been indulging in quite a few barbecues recently. Last week was no different and off I went with the kids to go and get the grub and coals. Shock horror...all coals sold out and all that was left were disposable ones. Bugger it, I thought I'll just get a couple of them...what can go wrong? Firstly, I couldn't light the blooming thing. I had no matches so I tried a lighter but the flame wouldn't catch and kept burning my thumb. Secondly, when it eventually got going, the coal didn't heat up very well so it took ages for the food to cook. Well, we did eat and all had a good time. About an hour later, I asked my eldest daughter if she would put some rubbish in the wheelie bin outside. She came in and asked why smoke was coming out of the bin. "Don't be stupid" my reply was "it must be dust puffing out as you opened the lid"

After a few minutes, I could see my wife thinking about something. "You didn't put the barbecues in the bin outside did you darling?" I asked. "Yes, but I poured water on them first"

So out I rush to find my wheelie bin bellowing out smoke. I open the lid and the flippin' thing is on fire. "Quick, water" I scream to the wife and kids staring at me whilst I re-enact a scene from Backdraft. "This will get you started" my wife says and hands me her half drank glass of coke. As I stood, staring at her with this look of bemusement I very calmly said "I think I may need a bit more than that sweetie"...can't help loving her!


  1. Hi, just found your blog from your post on BMB. Hope you managed to put the fire out. x

  2. Yes it went out eventually but not before melting a large hole in the bin :) xx

  3. It's just the thing I do. The number of times I have put a log that's far to big in the log burner then had to man handle the thing out of the house glowing at one end is ridiculous...but yes I do really ensure it's well and truly out!

  4. Oh dear, it could have been worse, she could have given you diet coke.