Saturday, 22 May 2010

Bad news this morning

Picture the was 9am on a Saturday morning...9am!!! The kids had all slept surprisingly late and it was quiet. The sun was shining through the bedroom windows and I could hear the birds singing cheerfully. This is lovely I thought to myself. I even thought about giving my wife a little kiss and cuddle but knew that the kids would instantly be awake and jumping on our bed. God forbid us ever having a bit of "us time". I lay there thinking if I should I check them but I selfishly thought "sod that, this peace is lovely!"

It was then I heard a commotion in our neighbour's garden. Bloody noisy people (ok, maybe I didn't refer to them as people) can't they be quiet this early? "We had better go and tell Lloyd" I heard the husband say. Now I took this as something bad had happened so I quickly threw on some clothes and went next door. I was greeted with sad faces and an explanation of how the kids rabbit had got into their garden and their dog had killed it...I have to admit my first thought was "that was a russian long haired pedigree and cost me two hundred quid". I can't help it...I'm a bloke.

So, I put the rabbit in a box and carried the coffin to my house. The kids were upset but my middle daughter was sobbing (she just loves fluffy things). I couldn't help thinking that if I slipped, the box lid might flip open and a limp fluffy bunny would be somersaulting through the air...that probably wouldn't help the situation!

I put the bunny coffin in the shed with ideas of giving it a full burial on Sunday. Later that day during lunch, we were discussing the untimely death.

"But I really miss Eddie" my middle daughter said.

"I know darling" I replied "but just think – he's up in bunny heaven now running and jumping with all his bunny friends"

"NO HE'S NOT..." my youngest daughter blurts out "He's in the shed stuffed in a box!"

You gotta love 'em :)

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  1. oh dear see this is what we need you men for for situations like this I would have probably fainted at seeing the dead rabbit!

    I have tagged you in a meme over at mine if you fancy it, I am hoping you have a man bag!check it out