Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New remote control every parent needs

Hi all

I have invented this new remote control...who wants to try it out?


  1. Love it! You would make an absolute fortune with this!! Where can I get one?

  2. I want the husband one. Have you invented that one yet?

  3. Do you do one for pets as well?

    LCM x

  4. I can create a husband one (although it wouldn't be for me as I am quite perfect)...any suggestions for buttons?

  5. I'm not on Twitter yet...not sure how it works. Do you recommend it Suzie?

  6. Husband buttons:

    fold laundry
    do dishes
    buy jewelry for no reason
    say I love you
    say I look gorgeous
    put kids to bed
    watch chick flick

    shall I go on and on lol

    As far as twitter-took me a while to get used to it and build up friends. It takes time but also builds traffic to your site (if that is something you are after). I only started blogging a little more than 3 months ago and I have about 400 followers, have had over 8000 hits to my site and have made some really nice friends through blogging.

    I also suggest you add a subscribe by email button. While some prefer reading blogs through readers, i myself prefer through email subscription and so do less techy people.

    Also add a contact me button. You can get one through kontactr.

    My email is on my site -any other questions would be glad to help out.