Monday, 24 May 2010

Can you help?

Hi all

I am thinking of starting a sideline business of image retouching, enhancing. Some of the services I will be offering will be restoring old photos, adding colour to b/w images and generally some photo retouching...but an an affordable price. I just wondered if there was much call for it and would appreciate any comments on how many of you would use such a service. I have shown an example of a quick one I did recently.



  1. I have got into photography myself recently but haven't yet experimented with the b/w and colour photos in one. I think it looks very clever to be honest and I hope you manage to get it off the ground.

    CJ xx

  2. Hi WTYFGI,

    Not sure if I'd pay for it. Really depends on what the package and cost would be.

    I would be more interested in buying an online course that taught me how to do it, simply and with a focus on family/children.

    If that was supported by participants uploading, before and after photos on your blog each week, to show they know. I think it'd be very interesting.

    (Love that silhouette on your banner btw.)
    Best of luck,
    Hari x

  3. I know there's a lot of it about for old vintage photographs and wedding photos etc it wuol dall depend up on the cost. I thik an idea of a course on how to do it would be more profitable...

  4. That seems to be the feedback I'm getting elsewhere too. Thanks all :)

  5. I paid an extortionate £30 to get an old B&W baby photo converted to colour for my Mum's bday - I reckon there's a market there, if you can offer more affordable options. People love those box canvas prints - have you looked into that side of things??

  6. Hi MLM

    £30!!!! Wow! I would have been interested to see the result for £30. It's a shame I didn't post earlier cos I would have done it for you as a favour. Box canvas there'a a thought...