Friday, 14 May 2010

Hi honey, I'm home

It's 5 o'clock on a Friday and I'm just packing up getting ready to leave work. This week was hard...tight deadlines, masses of work, crazy boss...I was looking forward to the weekend and all I could think of on the hour car drive I had home was seeing my lovely family. I even burst into song at one stage screaming out a Bon Jovi classic.

I parked up on the drive, sprung out of the car like a spring lamb ready to be greeted with "Hi babe, oh how I've missed you today" or the kids all hugging me and beaming from ear to ear that their dad was home...but I entered to silence with the atmosphere so dense you could cut it with the preverbial knife.

My wife greeted me with "I've just gone balistic at this lot...I can't do this anymore and you will either have to work from home or get childcare cos if not, then I'm off"...and that's when my perfect dream ended and the shouting started.

Now I know my wife has a hard time - she works and looks after the house including our four kids but she could have least said hello first but was a full blown rant about how she had it so bad and I didn't. So I did what men do best under these circumstances...I sulked!

After an hour or so and things had died down a bit (apart from my feeling hard done by and how I would never be like that) she went out for an evening with her friends. That's when it started. The kids were like they had eaten five boxes of Smarties each and were on such a high it was unreal. There was fighting, singing, fighting some more, chasing each other with sticks, fighting a bit more, shouting, swearing and it didn't stop for two hours until I finally snapped and sent them to bed.

A while later my wife walks through the front door, "Hi babe, I'm home"

Did I greet her with a hug that I had expected when I came home? Did I say how I'd missed her and loved her so much?

No..."They have been a bloody nightmare" I screamed!


  1. I'm sorry but that's brilliant - serves you right ;-)

    p.s. I've tagged you over at mine

  2. He he! That's what I do to my poor husband most days... actually that's what happened yesterday :) Sorry but hey, sometime the steam has to come out...
    Nice to meet you BTW I am Peggy at Perfectly Happy Mum and just found you through the BMB site.

  3. Really like this post, so typical of family life as I used to know it. Fab that you are reflective about it, it's a tough job isn't it?!

    (Found you at British Mummy Bloggers)

  4. Excellent post, it's really hard to try and remember each others perspective, so far my hubby and I have been quite good at doing this but it is really hard, and we've only got one baby!

  5. That is brilliant. Love the line about the kids behaving as if they had had 5 boxes of Smarties each! Thanks for entering it into the carnival.

  6. Haha...sounds oh so familiar. :0)

  7. Excellent! It is so easy to forget to try & see theother side but you won't forget now!

  8. Lol - I would like to say 'It serves you right' but obviously I'm too polite to do that ;-)