Saturday, 15 May 2010


My kids drive me crazy at times. Wouldn't four hamsters have been easier? The other day they did nothing but argue, fight, swear and generally act like the devils spawn.

Both my wife and I were going nuts. Surely this isn't how it's supposed to be? We sat there trying to watch the TV whilst the little monsters knocked the crap out of each other and moaning that we never have time on our own, all our money goes on the kids and we are sick and tired of never having a decent holiday that doesn't involve a caravan...the list was endless of all the grief the kids bring us.

After a while, my middle daughter comes in the lounge with a piece of paper in her hands. She had drawn me (albeit with a very large head with wonky eyes, arms that looked like pieces of string and straw for hair( with big words above it saying I LOVE MY DAD

She rushes over and gives me a super big hug. I have a huge smile on my face and I have that feeling of totally unconditional love and I feel like crying. I give her a great big hug back.

Kids can put you through all kind of crap in a day but then they can do that one little thing...

That's why we have kids!


  1. Fantastic - although I swear sometimes I will find a magic spell and change my 2 into guinea pigs - apart from the smell (which I doubt I'll ever get that bad with 2 girls)everything else is the same: noise, food, mess!!
    Keep going - very funny - will add you to my blogroll
    Barenakedmummy BNM

  2. They are devils for that aren't they? Wind you up to the point where you feel you will just leave them to fend for themselves, then give you a great big cuddle or say something desparately cute and all is forgiven. Great blog x

  3. That's so cute

    I reckon they have an inate sense of knowing just how far they can push you - right to the last centimetre.